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Best Website Practices for Interior Designers

As in most industries, gone are the days of paper portfolios and hard copy anything. Everything is going digital. Portfolios filled with swatches, ideas and boards that used to be lugged around from client to client are now available in one click. Which is why your interior design website needs a strong presence. It's the entry point to working with a potential client where they will size you up in a matter of seconds.

Interior Design Website Template

Here are a few key best practices when it comes to designing your interior design website:

1. Stay true to your brand

You have a style that's all your own. It's what separates you from all the other interior designers out there. The same should be reflected in your website. Keep your branding consistent by using the same logo, colors, fonts, mood, etc. You have three seconds to make your first impression with potential clients and brand consistency gives you an edge with that extra professional polish.

2. Simplify

The tendency is to include every little detail about your business. This actually backfires when it comes to your website. Visitors aren't reading every word...they are scanning. So use eye-catching headings and professional images (more on that next) but only include your quality work. They want the highlight reel. They want to envision what their space could look like with your touch. This can be done with a simple gallery of your best work...not every. single. project.

3. Professional images

Part of what makes your site look professional is using professional images of your interior design work. While it may be tempting to use that 'professional quality' iPhone photo, don't! Take the time to invest in professional photographer who understands lighting, proportions, balance, and editing so you can have the best representation of your work possible. The online world is highly visual, so not skimping here is imperative.

4. Your Call-To-Action

Don't leave your visitors hanging. Let them know up front how to get in touch with you. Want a phone call? Put your phone number visible with a click-to-call function. This makes it easy for people to call you directly from their phones. Want them to schedule an appointment? Send them to your scheduling app with a clickable button. However you want to be contacted, be sure you make it clear to your visitor how to accomplish that.

Ready to get an interior design website that you love? Check out some of our custom interior design templates below!

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04 oct. 2023

Indeed, a portfolio in paper form is not relevant now. Now everything is moving into the era of digital technologies. Therefore, it is worth using the tips Depositphotos blog This will help to correctly adjust the light and adjust the interior as a whole.

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